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    16th January

    Registrations are opening up again soon.

    25th December

    16th March

    As of today, we are pleased to announce that all logins will be processed via SSL automatically. This means that all traffic to and from our servers to your browser will be encrypted via a strong SSL 128bit encryption.

    In the past, users have been able to access our website securely via our https url: Typing https in front of our domain name is no longer needed.

    1st January

    Happy New Year to all our users and thank you for all your support - we wouldnt be here without you!

    All the best!

    25th January

    theSMSzone needs YOU (to think for us) :P

    We are trying to organise another competition similar to the very successful World Tour competition (link) we had last year.

    This time, we are giving our users the opportunity to give us ideas and suggestions on what you want the competition to be.

    Send your ideas to - be sure to include your username so we can reward you IF we go ahead with your suggestion(s)!

    Keep in mind that although theSMSzone is based in Australia, we have users from all over the world and the competition has to cater for all our users.

    20th January

    World Tour Competition Winners! (link)

    1st  Prize (1000 SMS credits): boss
    2nd Prize (500 SMS credits): senna_84 and gordo_imbo
    3rd Prize (250 SMS credits): cifre

    First prize winner
    2nd prize winner
    2nd prize winner
    3rd prize winner

    Special Prizes:
    1) yurukov
    2) crazy_sens
    3) lusinda
    4) Bakhsh
    5) shalan3210

    Winners list;
    Competition info;

    28th March

    Group sending is now available! Log in and check your "Address Book" for more details.

    Our current user base is 160,000+. For any support queries, please check our FORUM for help from our users or send us an email.

    API will be released in the next couple of weeks for those who want to integrate theSMSzone with your web applications. Check out Miind Nightclub - Sydney's Newest Nightclub

    2nd February has officially been launched!
    [view our press release]

    We'd like to thank all of our 39,000+ users for helping us test the site and suggesting improvements.

    Check out Mind Nightclub!

    MiindOur new Evorea has also been launched, your login details are the same as your theSMSzone account.

    Our Links: MIIND To celebrate our launch, the most active users on our FORUM each get a prize! So log on and START POSTING!

    21st November, 2004

    We've added simple 'help' balloons to briefly explain all our powerful functions.

    Some hints/tips:

    • You have the power to specify what the receiver will think the message is from. You can put ANY mobile number or alphanumeric character in the "From" field when sending a message.
    • Our messages work for almost every mobile phone provider in the world and can be received by any phone which is capable of receiving SMS messages.
    • You can send to multiple receipients by separating them with commas (,) or spaces.
    • You can view your full message history and delete your history yourself at anytime.
    • Use our powerful addressbook and favourites list to send messages to your friends and family! If you add a nickname for your contacts in your addressbook, you can simply type their nickname in the "TO" field if you want to send an sms and we will automatically replace it with the matching number.
    • You can store frequent messages in 'Template Messages' and use them at any time. the bionic trunk monkey
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